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You car is not just a car.

TMotors is a body shop based in Genazzano (Rome, Italy).

Formerly known as “Autocarrozzeria Lanetto”, in 2021 they moved to a new location, and decided to do a full rebranding.

We helped them with the rebranding and the launch of the new website.


The keywords we worked on were speed, quality and trustworthiness.

To express the idea of speed, we chose a font (High Speed) that could give the idea of inclination toward comes next.

The concept of quality is represented by the supercar in the logomark. Of course, it is a Ferrari, the diamond tip of the Italian car industry, and the big passion of the owners of TMotors.

Lastly, trustworthiness, expressed with the tricolor shield. It stands for roots, belonging and security, 

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TMotors - Screenshots - Mobile 2


TMotors needed a “digital showcase” to display their services to potential customers.

Their website was designed to be simple, easy to use, yet filled with all the information about their services.

Every page is fully responsive and easy to use from any mobile device.

Being at the top of the Google search result page is key, so every page is optimized to rank higher in the search engines.

TMotors - Screenshots - Desktop

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