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Eat well to live well.

Luisa Blandino is a nutritionist based in Genazzano (Rome, Italy).

Fresh from graduation, she decided to open an office in Genazzano, inside GQ Studio Personal Training.

We helped her with the design of the brand identity and of the website.


The keywords we worked on were healthy, professional and care.

To express the idea of healthy, we chose the symbol of an apple, widely known as the emblem of an healthy life (“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”).

The concept of professional is represented by the use of the colors: the five colors of a good, balanced and safe diet made of vegetables.

Lastly, care, intended as the idea of taking care of the person as a whole, is represented by the hearth.

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Luisa Blandino - Screenshots - Mobile 2


Luisa needed a “digital showcase” to display her services to potential customers.

Her website was designed to be simple, easy to use, yet filled with all the information about her services.

Every page is fully responsive and easy to use from any mobile device.

Being at the top of the Google search result page is key, so every page is optimized to rank higher in the search engines.

Luisa Blandino - Screenshots - Desktop

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