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The patient's wellbeing at the center.

Federico Gentili is a physiotherapist and osteopath based in Olevano Romano (Rome, Italy).

He works by delivering home therapies to patients in need, by bringing his holistic approach to the wellbeing of the person.

We helped him with the design of the brand identity and of the website.


The keywords we worked on were human, straight and holistic.

We wanted to work on the idea of human, because Federico’s work puts the human at the center of his activity; to do that, we used the silhouette of a human body. 

The concept of straight was important because Federico’s job is to make people’s body straight (after an injury, or in general after physical complications); this idea is represented by the use of the straight line at the center of the logo.

Lastly, holistic, intended as the idea of taking care of the person as a whole, in a holistic way, is represented by the circle around the logo.

Federico Gentili - Vertical
Federico Gentili - Horizontal


Federico needed a “digital showcase” to display his services to potential customers.

His website was designed to be simple, easy to use, yet filled with all the information about his services.

Every page is fully responsive and easy to use from any mobile device.

Being at the top of the Google search result page is key, so every page is optimized to rank higher in the search engines.

Federico Gentili - Screenshots - Desktop

“A job well done! A simple, elegant and epic logo, and a perfect website. The designers and developers at Superdigital we able to listen to my request and implement my feedback after the first draft. The final version of their work is exactly what I had in mind. Thank you!”

Federico Gentili
Federico Gentili
Physiotherapist and Osteopath

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